“I would like to offer my highest recommendation of Sarah Murphy. During the six years I have known Sarah, she has never ceased to amaze me by her intelligence, ambition, and commitment to excellence.

An effective and well-liked female manager is a rare breed in any industry, yet Sarah exemplifies these qualities. Sarah fosters a work environment that makes employees feel comfortable coming to her with problems or suggestions, but sets a very high standard of excellence for each employee. Sarah’s willingness to tackle any problem, no matter its nature or complexity, is one reason why employees and co-managers approach her with dilemmas.”
— Elspeth England, Trial Attorney at U.S. Department of Justice, Former Team Member

“Sarah and I worked together for almost five years at Chef Geoff’s. Our work focused on supporting the restaurant teams and improving performance company-wide by developing and implementing robust systems for every process in the business. We outlined very specific standards and meticulously measured our operations against those standards. During our tenure we opened two new restaurant locations and her commitment to excellence and attention to detail made her an integral part of the opening team. Sarah’s ability to design forward-thinking processes that met our high level business goals and also understand the details needed to execute a plan was key to our success. She asks questions often and is always considering innovative solutions. Because of this she has always been one of my favorite thought partners when addressing complex obstacles. She is very intelligent, committed, results-driven, and has a wide variety of skills that would make her an asset to any team.”
— Courtney Edwards, Director of Corporate Communications and Experience at Milliken, Former Coworker

“Sarah Murphy gets results. In many situations she would come up with creative and forward thinking solutions that progressed our team. She not only accelerated the growth of our team but was able to keep our clients immensely happy in our time of expansion. I came to work challenged to make things better thanks to her. Sarah never settles, always pushing to make our client and team relationships stronger. I would highly recommend her to any company looking for a great leader and someone who truly is a forward thinker.”
— Daniel Akridge, Team Leader at Concept Technology, Former Team Member

“Sarah is an impactful leader and member. She pushes people to be the best that they can be. Her ideas are innovative and she consistently encourages people to think outside the box. I would highly recommend Sarah as she will surely be an asset as a team member and leader.”
— Richard Gericke, Team Leader at Concept Technology, Former Team Member

“Sarah is an incredible talent. She can do it all in the hospitality business. Sarah is an accomplished server, bartender, and manager. She was a key component of the rise of Vine Street Cafe becoming one of the best restaurants on all of Long Island. Her attention to detail, rapport with customers, and business sense are second to none.”
— Alan Garrison, GM at Shelter Island Yacht Club, Former Manager

“Sarah is driven from within, with a passion for education that is rarely seen in students today. When she selects her goal, she will let nothing deter her from it, using every method in her arsenal.”
— Damon Vogel, Professional Assistant at Suffolk County Community College, Former Classmate