About Me

I started my first LLC while still in undergraduate business school. It was a wild failure and I learned a ton. I have since started maybe a dozen other businesses with varying levels of profitability, all of which were necessary in my own growth to teach me the five pillars of success in business, which is what I now teach my clients.

My formal resume includes an ivy league masters degree in management from Cornell University and 20 years of management and senior leadership positions in businesses ranging from 5 employees to 500 employees. Upon leaving the corporate world I was a highly paid senior leader specializing in leadership development for a tech giant in Silicon Valley.

Alongside my coaching, I also run three other businesses (Bar Magnolia, Mobile Bev. Pros, and SWIG Culture). 

When I don't have the CEO hat on I am a wife, and mother to two amazing souls who keep me growing. I enjoy jogging as a form of meditation, am an avid reader, and enjoy sharing my personal growth journey on my Instagram.

All of this about me is just to say, I'm educated, qualified, accomplished, and excited to work with you in tackling your biggest life goals!